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Story of Foodie Saga

Welcome to Foodie Saga! My name is Sunny, a software developer in the day who churns code by the hour for about 40 hours every week and also, the chow hound behind sharing my experiences of FOOD with all of my avid readers. 


Few months ago, I was the mayor of dullsville (sums it all up!!). Eventually, the need to express my enduring vehemence towards food and drinks had propelled me to create this blog where I am excited to share my multi-cuisine experiences with you. You won’t find any personal recipes that you could critique but just oodles of food and drinks that I come across in various towns with their specialty and origin and the taste rating. Though the main motive behind the blog is to provide my readers an unprecedented experience of joyous gorging and guzzling, I also have my heart in it. HELL BENT, YEAHHH!! Never Mind. I will be putting out few posts shortly as I am still revamping my website and hope you guys will like it.

Also, if you want to contact me directly, you can always email me at:

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