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Cuban Delicacies to the Fore

It was a murky afternoon and I had my mind set on rejuvenating with some caffeine and snacks.

"Starbucks??" I thought to myself. I felt ashamed (too harsh? Never mind!) that I even came up with that. So much for being a food blogger!

So, started searching out my best options while I was in Dallas and I was gifted with this Cuban Cafe close by.

It was Cuban Dulceria - International Bakery & Cafe. Opened around 40 years ago by a Cuban familia, it is now run and managed by the two sisters who are the heir apparent. They churn out lip-smacking delicacies and have created a name for themselves in this city of Texas. I happened to meet one sister and her daughter and they were very loving and affectionate even as they were near to closing time.

That's the daughter at the counter while momma is busy taking care of our order. A beautiful homely place with all the photos of the family and Cuban history along with the famous reviews that adorned the wall. They suggested me their best sellers and I got started.

First one obviously,

Is the Cafe Cubano. This was the reason I am here today and nothing better then a strong shot of the Cuban classic. I opted to add some cream as this dark roast espresso is stronger than its peers which you find at cafes in America. Quite a refreshing and energetic feeling that I have experienced after a sip of this Cuban shot. I am ready for the food now.

They mainly specialize in sandwiches and dessert pastries and I couldn't oblige better than having a go at it.

Taste: 8.5/10

First up is the medley.

The assortment I have got were Guava Pastry, Strawberry Pastry and Cream Cheese Pastry. These freshly baked goodies are a foodie's delight and best paired with coffee. I am on the verge of experiencing eternal bliss I would say. With that being said, I digged into the Guava Pastry which is their specialty and it sure did impress. The pastry is crispy and savory with freshness all the way, and the homemade jam made with ripe guavas just made this treat a delight to eat.

Moving on to the Strawberry Pastry, the one in the middle with the jam laden out was surely a hit with me. The pastries are made to fall in love with and I was head over heels with these.

Finally, the Cream Cheese Pastry was not that sweet as the cheese was the flavor proponent and was perfect with my coffee and would definitely recommend this trio.

Taste: 9/10

Next up,

I couldn't have left this place without getting a bite of the authentic Cuban history and that would be their sandwiches. Especially, their El Cubano. This classic Cuban bread is pressed and comes with a stuffing of shredded pork and ham, which would be the best & obvious choice of meats to go with this delicacy. It comes with pickles and mojito sauce for the tanginess in the sandwich, which is delicately lessened by the addition of Swiss cheese. Altogether, this is supposed to be a winsome combination.

I went ahead and had a wholesome bite of it. Utterly delicious. Nothing more, nothing less. The crisp, buttery pressed bread along with the adeptly flavored meat, with the sauce and pickles was something unreal for me and I finished it within a jiffy. A definite try!

Taste: 9/10

Well, now let's get to the other delicacies.

This was Flan Imperial. This dessert might and most likely get you high. I mean literally. This bourbon infused Flan cake is a runaway hit that the sisters have come up with, at this location. Well, I am always up for it and I tried it right away. The Flan on the top is made of custard and is so pillowy, yet holds up a firm texture. I felt like eating through a cloud of goodness. And the bottom is a bourbon infused chocolate cake which is decadently high on sweetness and...ALCOHOL!!!!!

Had it all together and this had to climb on to my list of best desserts. These sisters had amazed me with this delicacy and I am in love with this and will be forever.

Taste: 9.5/10

Now let's get to the mortal desserts.

This was Sugared Horn. Nothing fancy, but a savory crispy roll with custard filling and sprinkled with tons of powdered sugar atop. I love custard and even more when its creamy and that has been the case with this one. My coffee was done but this savory dessert can still be relished all by itself, albeit the others were much better.

Taste: 6/10

Finally, while I was about to leave, the sisters told me to stay put and offered me another local delicacy of Cuban history which happened to be,

Cuban Capuchino. This one is quite a labor intensive dessert and is often shunned by many Cuban places, but this place loves to toil and keep their customers privy of this specialty. It is made of egg yolks which are beaten to attain a frothy texture and takes in multiple further steps to complete this marvel. Also, it comes infused with an anisette liqueur which further grabbed my attention.

Well, I still am no sucker for alcohol if the dessert doesn't impress me so went ahead and had a bite of it. Wow, this was so soft. Texture of a cotton candy presumably. There was a hint of vanilla and cinnamon infused with the anisette which made this an instant favorite of mine.

Taste: 8.5/10

Phew, tired but still happy to have tried all these Cuban delicacies and I hope you guys don't miss this if you happened to visit Dallas and are looking for a midday snack.


Cuban Dulceria International Bakery

2662 N Josey Ln Ste 228 Carrollton, TX 75007

(972) 242-3797


  • Taste: 8.5/10

  • Ambience: 6.5/10

  • Service: 9.5/10

  • Value For Money: 8.5/10



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