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Sushi for the gods

All the twaddling about LA and Asian food going hand in hand is futile without gracing the one cuisine which is revered all over the world.

Yes, you guessed it right!! Or, maybe not? But, Meh!

A cuisine which has the most Michelin starred chefs practising throughout their lifetime, yet are deemed to be novice in an art beguiled by food.

Make way to Sushi on the rice carpet!!

There are quite expensive eateries up in LA for a good sushi experience but I am a foodie on budget, but hey...

I don't budge on quality and hence I have finalized on this place in Little Tokyo of Los Angeles.

It is Sushi Enya. A cozy and small place with limited seating, this place has mind boggling wait times as everyone wants to have a piece created by Chef Kimiyasu Enya, and they are also known for serving generous portions of seafood in all their dishes.

So, I was waiting for a traditional one hour and 20 minutes during a Saturday evening and finally we were greeted by the entire staff as we entered the restaurant and got seated.

I was famished and I started off with their speciality sushi and an appetizer.

And, the service was quite quick.

The Shishito Peppers. I always make sure I get these in a sushi place. Just sets the tone right for the delicacies in the fray. The lightly fried Japanese Peppers dipped in soy sauce is an instant favorite, tingling my senses and awakening my palate. Get them, no questions asked!

Taste: 9/10

And then,

The Sea Urchin aka Uni.

And, it is from SANTA BARBARA!!!!!

For all the newbies, the best grade Sea Urchins are only found in three regions of the world which are Hokkaido (Japan), Maine (USA) and you know the third one.

I could literally say that this was California Gold grade just looking at the fresh and firm texture it carried along with the autumn color it possesses.

I couldn't resist but gobble them all up. It was so creamy and I could smell traces of ocean which depicts the freshness of this beauty. I cannot get over this, but have to, as those 3 pieces cost me some green. But, totally worth it! Totally!!!

Taste: 9.5/10

Moving to the chef specialties,

Obviously, their best selling roll aka Yuzu Roll. A beautifully presented sushi roll made its way to the table. I couldn't wait but start relishing it. Comprising of Yellow Tail on the top and Spicy Tuna along with Shrimp Tempura make their way on the inside. Finally, topped off with Smelt Egg. Delish!

Brushed on some soy sauce and...Gobble!! It was so filling and flavorful. Bound to be an instant favorite!!

The crispiness of the Shrimp Tempura, fattiness of the Tuna, a delicate buttery touch of the Yellow Tail and finishing it off with the Tobiko, probably the roe of the flying fish. The quantity was humongous for a restaurant in LA and for the set price, I got around 15-16 pieces. Phew!

Taste: 9/10


The Cherry Blossom. Sounds cute, ain't it?

Well, it does look the bit as well. However, I am all about the taste as they have already wowed me with the grandeur in the display.

This roll consists of Spicy Tuna on the inside, but what sets this one apart from other rolls are the next ingredients. Probably, the most number of ingredients used to wrap a roll around the stuffing would go to this one.

A mix of Crab Salad and Tuna rolled around the stuffing and has a layer of fresh Salmon laid on the top. It is finished with a layer of Avocado, Sesame and Smelt Egg (Of Course!!)

I apologize if you don't see the avocado in the foreground as the sushi with all these overladen ingredients is bound to have them fall on either side. Anyways, the flavor is top notch and is quite ostentatious for a decent priced sushi roll. I can surely say this one was hit out of the park.

Taste: 9/10

I don't want this experience to end and I kept gazing at the Chef as he makes my next roll which soon was brought to me.

The Caterpillar Roll. Don't you worry, guys!! It doesn't actually consist of Caterpillars. (Though, I wish to try them out some time)

Well, coming to the caterpillar laid out before me, ready to be devoured. It has EEL in it. Period!

This meat is soft yet firm in texture. The best part? It does not carry the fishy aftertaste you have with other related species. Pairing it with Crab Salad completes the stuffing on this roll. The exterior is rather simple with thinly sliced Avocado topped with Sesame Seeds and Eel Sauce for a sweet and sour flavor. Nothing fancy about this one but the Eel is definitely something I would vouch for. Go for this and you would thank me in your dreams of gluttony!

Taste: 8.5/10


The Chef #1 Roll. Will keep it simple. Though the roll, isn't!!

Spicy Tuna & Shrimp Tempura on the inside followed by Tuna, Avocado, Sesame Seeds and.......

Cajun Powder!!!

A fusion twist towards an authentic sushi roll is what makes this roll quite popular among the locale. The Cajun seasoning complements well with the fattiness of the Tuna and is a remarkable addition to the menu.

It is called #1 for a reason (It's my cue telling you to order it)

Taste: 9/10

Goodness over goodness over..phew!!

You get it. Just head over to this place in Little Tokyo and you will love me for sure. Love you back, readers!!


343 E 1st St Los Angeles, CA 90012

Contact?? Golly, they don't have one!!


  • Taste: 9/10

  • Ambience: 6.5/10

  • Service: 8/10

  • Value For Money: 8/10



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