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Reminiscent of European Classics

Rhode Island is surely a state everyone will fall in love with. The placating atmosphere bundled with the age old buildings and the loving people are next to none. In my last post, I had visited a place here which was absolutely a prize catch. However, there is this place that every individual residing here would drop by once a week, at the very least!

Gosh! How could I miss it?

I searched for the place frantically and gave it a visit on a rainy evening.

"Nothing can stop me from visiting this place" I said to the thunderous cloud looming over me.

Oh, Yeah. Nothing but the wait. Hmph. Karma really is a..uh oh!

So, I took back my words from the honorary thunders and eventually got myself a table in this beautiful cafe, Pastiche. A family owned cafe serving European delicacies mainly famous for their desserts. Awards galore for this tiny place and I am more than excited to try them out and bring out the experience for you.

I went ahead and ordered the server's recommendations which he stated as the crowd favorites. He came up with them eventually and placed them on the table. However, I will take my readers on a tantalizingly irresistible journey.

First up, I ordered a latte.

It does look like a coffee, but the server apologized for shaking the cup, as it messed up the design carefully carved by the barista. I was totally fine with it and took a sip out of it. Tasted perfect as it should.

Taste: 8/10

Now to pair it with the first dessert on the table.

It is the Old-Fashioned Coconut Cake. Simply put, the ingredients were just coconut and almond flour, frosted with cream cheese and topped with shredded coconut. I could literally eat it with my eyes. Went right through and the cake was so moist and the coconut flavor was bursting out. The cream cheese was stuffed amidst a layer of the cake and it paired perfectly with the coconut flavor. A true masterpiece!

Taste: 9/10

Next up,

Wonderfully presented Fresh Fruit Tart. A buttery and crispy tart shell with vanilla custard is a delectable dessert in itself. However, this place had some better ideas and topped it off with fresh fruits of the season.

The first bite took me on an unprecedented journey of desserts I have never experienced yet. The freshness of the fruits is heavenly when paired with the custard tart. The fruits on the tart were sliced thinly and paired with homemade jam. The day's bounty was mango, kiwi, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry and blueberry and they were just perfect and colorful for my palate. I can go on and on with this one.

Taste: 9.5/10

Finally, I have

A Butterscotch Crumble Cake. At a mere glance, I could sense my night would end on a flawless note. This is supposedly a coffeecake with butterscotch chips infused inside and served with fresh whipped cream.

I couldn't wait any longer and picked it up right away. I was utterly amazed at the texture of this dish which looked like a cookie to me but was so moist, dense and warm that the butterscotch chips have melted in a cream which was oozing out of every bite I had. And to pair it with the whipped cream to experience nirvana is just an understatement. Period.

Taste: 9.5/10

I am really fortunate to experience these divine treats and thankful to the people who suggested me this lovely place. An ultimate ending to a perfect overcast evening. See you all, next time!



92 Spruce St Providence, RI 02903

(401) 861-5190


  • Taste: 9/10

  • Ambience: 8.5/10

  • Service: 9/10

  • Value For Money: 9/10



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