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Soul In A Meal

Been a long time, ain't it?

Well, I am back with more food which is Soul Food. Din't it rhyme perfectly?

Ah, Never mind. Lets dig into today's post which is based on the theme of Soul. I have been wanting to visit this Brunch place which has been doing rounds for serving the best soul food in the whole of Houston for quite some time. Finally, I was lucky to make it today. The place is Breakfast Klub.

Yeah, no spell-check needed. The letter C is restrained from using in this place. The place opens at 8am and is quite busy throughout until 2pm when they close. I happened to be there around half past 10 and the lineup was huge. Luckily, the parking lot is either street or a pint-sized private lot. No pun intended.

However, we were circling around until we found our spot in the lot. Went straight ahead and joined in the queue.

The end of the line you see is the place where you tend to get excited only to know that there's a line as big as this waiting for you ahead. Deviating from the horror, I loved the way how the walls adorned with popular persons of each field were reminiscent to the Soul culture. The wait was killing me. Suddenly, I see waiters holding menu cards come out towards the line. They had a Special Menu for those who do not want to wait and would prefer a place to eat in what seemed like an extension to this restaurant. The opportunist in me sprung forward and went ahead with the waiter.

This extension is mediocre sized but still had around few seats left for us to grab 'em. It had a wee bit of a line but we were handed the Signature menu while at it.

If you prefer to stay in that huge line shown earlier, you would have got a bigger menu but I was here for their signature dishes and this concise menu says it all. I was at the front of the line where I get a glance of this extended restaurant.

The colors are vibrant and it had this southern charm pertaining to the place. Coming to the main task, you order upfront and they set you up with a number. I went ahead ordering their best sellers - Wings & Waffle, Katfish & Grits along with a Mimosa.

I was sipping through my mimosa infused with strawberries, glancing towards the interiors and settling down at my table and it was around 5-10 minutes later, the first order came up.

The vibrancy is shown in the dish and the color of the plate as well. The six beautiful wings neatly placed around a Belgian waffle topped with a strawberry is what I wanted.

The silverware and the condiments can be found at a common place for you to pick up as needed. I loaded up with some maple syrup which would go perfect with this mouth watering dish. Went ahead and eagerly took the first bite.

The moistness in the waffle, sweetness from the maple syrup, tanginess of the strawberry coalescing with the tender yet lightly fried chicken is an experience in itself. The chicken was so delectably good. The powdered sugar was faintly sprinkled, hence not overpowering the spiciness of the chicken.

The fried chicken is perfect. All the ingredients complemented each other very well which led to this unparalleled experience I have been put through.

Taste: 9/10

And then, came the second order.

A huge chunk of a Katfish fillet made to my plate. The quantity was humongous for me. I chose the side of potatoes over egg and a biskit over toast. The grits had a dollop of butter and also asked for some cheese on it. Cut my way through a sizable piece of the Katfish and swiped through the buttery grits right into my mouth.

The fish was perfectly cooked. It was so so so soft, that it keeps falling off from your fork. The flaky and flavorful texture of the batter which is mildly spiced than the chicken, to let the taste of the fish overweigh is a chef's marvel. The potatoes were tender as they should be. Add a dash of salt & pepper while you are at it. The biskit was not oily nor flaky. It was moist and perfect the way it was. The combination of the fish and grits is to die for.

Taste: 8/10

Having said that, the humongous quantities served here coaxing you into share and eat in groups is what makes the Soul food a cuisine that helps you bond and socialize whilst at it. The food was prepared with love and it shows all the way.


The Breakfast Klub

3711 Travis St Houston, TX 77002

(713) 528-8561


  • Taste: 8.5/10

  • Ambience: 7/10

  • Service: 8/10

  • Value For Money: 8/10



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