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This Brunch is Dope!!

Reveling in late night wingdings would often end up bad the next morning and my head was in the same state. Needed some caffeine and food to lessen my hangover and no better way than to get a hearty brunch. And I was in search for a place which offers meals fit enough for my voracious appetite and locked down a place for it. It is the Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe.

An American brunch cafe serving huge portions of food and is famous for the same reason among locales, is a place best suited for my interests.

Luckily, they accept reservations so I called them two hours early to get a table at half past 11 so that I needn't wait. But as it goes, I still had to kill time once I reached, for around 15 minutes to get a table but nevertheless I got seated finally.

Got my dose of caffeine immediately and told the server my remaining orders upfront as well.

It's the traditional Cappuccino. Sprinkled atop is some cinnamon spice as per my preference but you could totally skip that. The cup was huge and a no-brainer for the state I found myself in. It was so warm and the broth was quite frothy and the perfect amount of caffeine helped my senses reinvigorate. Charged up!!

Taste: 8.5/10

All I need is food and the first order came its way.

It was Espanola Omelette. Eggs can make oodles of difference to a drunken state of mind and ordering one of their "Eggs-quisite" omelettes just made sense. This Mexican take on a breakfast classic is exactly what I need to start my day with. It comes with a side of hash browns along with tomatillo salsa and a choice of toast (which would be reviewed later).

The omelette is layered on a bed of tortillas and is stuffed with avocado, onions, cilantro, mushrooms, chorizo sausage & chihuahua cheese. Oh, Oh and jalapenos too, of course!

I couldn't resist the flavor quotient laid in front of me and I digged into it immediately. The omelette was not overcooked and the veggies were perfectly seasoned. The chorizo sausage was finely chopped and added a meaty component to the dish. Had it along with hash browns and salsa which made it more filling and satisfying. The chihuahua cheese was mild in flavor and was salty which was perfect with the other components. What I experienced was a cured hangover instantly, no pun intended!

Taste: 8.5/10

Moving on with the side I have received with the omelette,

It was Chocolate Banana Bread French Toast. No harm in drooling over that image of utter brilliance. A heavily battered banana bread with eggs was served warm with melting chocolate chips and bananas on the top. I just had a spoon covering all those ingredients and it was lip smackingly delicious. I mean, literally! Me being a sucker for banana bread was more than content with what I was offered but then I got an added advantage of ripe bananas as well and to top it off with chocolate chips just made it so gratifying.

Taste: 9.5/10

Up with the next item,

Was Turkey Burger. I apologize for the vibrant colors this dish produces but I just can't help than be in awe of it. A pretzel bun with a well marinated turkey patty of herbs & spices is accompanied by avocado, lettuce, tomatoes and red peppers and comes with a side of sweet potato fries.

A decent sized sandwich which would be a perfect brunch option any day and a popular option among the locals, I had to try this specialty. At the first bite, I was bewildered at the confrontation of multitude of flavors that one wouldn't expect from a burger. The patty is juicy and flavorful and the ripe avocado and sautéed red peppers were just perfect to make this brunch remembered forever. This burger was spot on!

Taste: 8.5/10

The final dish made its way.

It was Signature Berry Bliss Belgian Waffles. Doesn't it get better with every dish. This waffle was a specialty at this location and is the most sought after dish among children, teens, adults and seniors. I was no different. They topped it off with whipped cream per my request.

The waffles had a lot going on and identifying them at the first glance was near to impossible. However, I decided not to jeopardize the chef's specialty by adding any condiments and went with the original flavor for the first bite.

Is it just me or do I get the feeling that culinary marvels such as these are infinite and I do not have enough time to unearth them as many as possible.

Well, lets get to it as we move on with the taste of this benchmark dish. The waffle was soft yet crispy on the exterior and topping it off with fresh berries is a treat in itself. But it keeps getting better guys, the toppings were what made this dish an ultimate experience for me.

The Vanilla Anglaise was added liberally over the berries and the thick and gooey texture was not overtly sweet and chimed well with the fresh fruits and savory waffle. And then to infuse it with Blackberry Coulis and Berry Mascarpone made it into a dish meant to be a perfect retreat.

Taste: 9.5/10

A brunch sure to be a cure for your hangover!


Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe

130 E Randolph St Chicago, IL 60601

(312) 938-9777


  • Taste: 9/10

  • Ambience: 7.5/10

  • Service: 8/10

  • Value For Money: 8/10



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