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Truffle Time!

A quick article on gourmet chocolates is exactly something I would look forward to end a weekend. With that being said, I am fortunate enough that my friend traveling from Belgium has bought these luxury collection of chocolates to my backyard and I am excited to share them with my readers.

Oh yeah, you heard it right! They are BELGIAN.

Lo & behold, it's Neuhaus Collection Chocolate Truffles. These luxury collection of Belgian truffles are just the perfect way to treat my readers to a blissful realm of unprecedented joy.

Psst! It's actually treating myself, but I'll get to that later.

I was amazed at how the packaging was so distinctive and suave. A box aptly chosen for the truffles has a touch of luxury to it.

Opened the box just to see another well-wrapped package through which we can skim through the history of Neuhaus chocolates. This renowned chocolatier has originated in Belgium in the 19th century and has been serving truffles, pralines among other chocolates on a global scale ever since, which is no mean feat.

The original Neuhaus location was opened by Jean Neuhaus in 1857 in the famous Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert which is a shopping arcade and these truffles were freshly made from this location and came straight to H-town.

I couldn't resist myself and snipped through the wrapper to look further down my treasure chest. And,

Ah, a prevue. These beautifully listed truffles in a count of 16 were mentioned concisely of their specialties which were ready to be devoured.

The truffles in all its glory. These were literally only a week old. Freshness to the core was guaranteed by the mere glance of them. You could distinguish between the truffles by the description provided earlier. So, let me jump right into these.

I went in the order depicted in the prevue and tossed the Cappuccino Truffle into my mouth. All the chocolates I had all these while are put to shame as I have not tasted anything so moist, smooth and flavorful for a truffle. It was dusted with dark chocolate cocoa powder, a perfect rendition to accompany the fresh coffee flavor. The butter cream infused with the coffee flavor is a sublime combination.

Next up, I tried the Classic Butter Truffle. Such a velvety texture which protrudes all the way inside and dusted again with the dark chocolate cocoa powder, this is surely a classic melt-in-a-mouth truffle!

Next, was Marc De Champagne Truffle. This one came sprinkled with sugar atop and I was excited to try this champagne infused truffle. I am so much in love with the butter cream in all of these truffles. This one had a light butter cream flavored with the Marc De Champagne and it carried a surprising contrast with the dark chocolate. A celebration of flavors and surely the best of the lot!

I went with the Tiramisu Truffle which was shining throughout and waiting to be tried. It was infused with Amaretto, an almond flavored Italian liqueur with the butter cream. The outer texture is covered with dark chocolate and rolled in crunchy Amaretti biscuit crumbs.

Utterly delicious is the word that popped into my mind after I ate this beauty. Anything chocolaty, creamy combined with alcohol is surely going to create a winsome fusion and this surely does that!

I was onto my next truffle.

The Cognac Truffle. I was already high as a kite with the alcohol instilled chocolates, might as well get stoned completely with this one. This luxury truffle consists of light butter cream and Cognac with the dark chocolate permeating atop and flakes of almond as a topping. I was fascinated by the flavors this truffle produces. The almonds chime perfectly with the Cognac and butter cream. I don't care if I get sick with all these goodness imbued truffles.

Finally, I tried the Dark Chocolate Truffle. This intense chocolate version is an ideal choice for chocolate lovers. The butter cream is made of dark chocolate which is quite strong and is also covered with dark chocolate and topped with chocolate flakes. It's a fusion every chocolate lover would appreciate. Not overtly sweet but a subtle tasting chocolate.

This gourmet truffle collection from Neuhaus is something everyone should experience and I am blessed to be a part of it.



Galerie de la Reine 25-27 1000 Brussels Belgium

+32 2 512 63 59


  • Taste: 10/10

  • Ambience: N/A

  • Service: N/A

  • Value For Money: 7/10 (Pricey, but experience of a lifetime!)



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