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Where Lobsters are a Staple!

The lobster mania has not ended, YET!

My journey travelling through New England is futile, if........

Yeah, if I haven't made a pit stop in MAINE. And, so be it!

Driving for around four hours since my last stop at Connecticut, my appetite has brought me to a beautiful location on the coastline of Sheepscot River.

I bring you the one and only Five Islands Lobster Co. A gorgeous panoramic view welcomes you when you reach this place. The best place for a restaurant to be. Hands down!

The building which you see is where you order all the snack and sandwiches, but there is a tiny red house positioned at the back if you could see the outline, is where the lobsters are served. I went ahead to the aforementioned place and got myself in the soon-to-build-up lunchtime line.

Gave all my orders up and went ahead to the lobster line and did the same. Now, they give you a receipt with a token on it and you wait until summoned. I was strolling all the while looking for a seat to enjoy the scenic beauty this place has to offer while I came across this site.

The lobster cages were being unloaded on to the dock and sent to the kitchen straightaway where they end up on my plate. As simple as it gets. Yummy!

I got a perfect place to enjoy my ravenous appetite and it cannot get any better.

Fresh breeze swaying while you enjoy the beer in the not-so-humid morning is a dream come true for the foodie in me. Oh, forget to mention that this place is a BYOB as all other shacks, Duh!

My order got called up and I ran to the counter in a jiffy. Excuse my gluttony!

Ahh, never mind. My first order that is worth every debate all the while my journey is....

The Lobster Roll. The world renowned Maine's Lobster roll is finally here and ready to be devoured.

Wait, did I say a "Roll"?

I don't see any roll here. Do you guys?

Just a second. After literally squinting my eyes, I could see a tiny roll behind this monstrous quantity of lobster meat they piled up.

Sure, they don't skimp on it. Served alongside potato chips, the lobster meat comes with an infusion of mayonnaise placed on a grilled buttery hot dog bun with lettuce. Hard to make the lobster not fall of the bun when you take a bite but you ought to get messy when it's a Lobster!

This roll is altogether a different realm of tastes I could acclimatize myself to. It is nothing like the one I had at Connecticut in my previous post. This one is served cold and the addition of mayo is splendid. The juicy meat paired with a warm grilled bun perched atop a bed of lettuce and the in house made mayo is something unexplainable.

No wonder, Maine is the coveted holder of the best lobster roll in the world and I bet this place is out there amongst the big names.

Taste: 10/10

Next comes up the local favorite.

The Fried Scallops. Those are some huge scallops , I must say!

Excuse the bed of fries, Did I just say that?

Yes, I sure did. I would have preferred a substantial amount of scallops to go with the fries but never mind, lets get ahead with the taste.

These scallops are one of the finest and juiciest ones I have had. They are fresh, I mean literally! I got a side of their tartar sauce to go with it, which paired well. Definitely a must try, but be prepared to handle the copious amount of fries they come along with.

Taste: 8.5/10

Next comes their special order.

It is Jenny's Special. Don't you worry, guys! I am here to explain what it is.

Barring the potato chips, it comes with a toasted buttery burger bun with lettuce. Is that all? No way, not at all!

The charred patty you see atop is their crab cake made in house with their special ingredients and the one below that is not cheese. It's one of the fresh catches of today, Haddock. Grilled to perfection, it takes in the size of the bun and rests majestically. And finally, their special sauce which also happened to be the crowd favorite - Cilantro Mayonnaise.

Layered some of the sauce on the crab cake and munched my way through it. Every bite is sinfully good. This place is as fresh as it can get. Perfectly cooked crab cake with lots of herbs and spices marinated into and the grilled haddock which is out of the world. Jenny sure did impress with this combination. A runaway hit!

Taste: 9/10

Finally, the King Lobster IV arrives.

No meal at a wharf can be ended without him taking the honors of sending us to paradise. And, this meal ain't different!

Served with sweet corn, and warm butter, the lobster came right out of the pot. You wouldn't be surprised if I said the lobster meat is fresh as it came right out of the dock in the earlier images I have shown. However, I should mention the meat was scrumptious and the corn was really delicious and surprisingly paired well with the lobster in butter.

Taste: 9/10

Oh Boy! I am fortunate enough to have visited this place in Maine. Hands down, the best lobster you could find.


Five Islands Lobster Co

1447 Five Islands Rd Georgetown, ME 04548

(207) 371-2990


  • Taste: 9/10

  • Ambience: 9/10

  • Service: 8/10

  • Value For Money: 8/10 (The basket of fries (oops, Scallops) brought it down!)



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