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Wilderness in all its Glory

For all the mundane type of carnivores out there, todays article would coax you to get out of the box and try something unconventional. I have always wanted to explore the myriad choices that food has to offer and would never miss a chance I got such as today.

Yes, this place has earned a reputation for itself in Houston.

It is Sammy's Wild Game Grill. Situated in Washington Avenue, this place is surely a hit among the locals who are adventurous enough to give this farm raised and wild caught dishes a try.

Oops, I blurted out in excitement.

Never mind. This place serves exotic, unconventional, outlandish (and the list could go on & on) food in their menu. All the animals are mostly farm raised with the exception of few which are wild caught. The owner vouches for the health benefits these gourmet meats bring to the table like richness in protein content, low in fat and cholesterol and with high Omega3's.

They also serve some good local beer on tap making it a fun place to hangout with friends.

Went in early on a Saturday evening and got a table for myself to start my escapades. The server without any ado told all the specials for the day and their best sellers and ended saying one of them was out of stock.

Yes, it is so popular that it ran out with 6 hours left for the restaurant to close. Those were Python Chili Fries. They were short of pythons, guys. Well, I couldn't try it but I will get to the other popular dishes for my readers.

For my first dish,

It was Sammy's Wild Fries. Well, the alternative to the Python version. These fries came loaded with cheddar cheese and topped with fried egg. Also, it had bacon bits and green onions which were perfectly paired. These fries were different from what I have been trying all the while.

The fries were crunchy and the cheese was quite gooey and when paired with bacon and egg creates a sublime fusion which is worth trying. The python version has the same ingredients albeit topped with python snake chili instead of fried egg and bacon. Upto you, guys!

Taste: 7.5/10

Next up,

The Trio Sliders. Sammy's is famous for their burgers and sausage dogs and I had to try as many as possible so I went ahead and ordered the chef's recommended sliders for the day which were Emu, Camel & Venison. You get those toothpicks pierced with each dish they present to display the meat it consists of.

I went ahead with Venison first up. It had lettuce, tomatoes and onions with a pickle and cheddar cheese paired with a speciality sauce, served in a soft pretzel bun which looks quite appetizing. The patty consisting of deer meat is not bland in itself. It was marinated overnight and the meat wasn't gamey and had a optimum balance of flavor fused with the other ingredients. It was a decent start for the night.

Next, I tried the Camel and it came with the same pairings as above. But,

Oh Boy! It was yummy. Its so soft and quite rich in flavor. The meat was quite dark as expected and the taste chimed well with the fries and other ingredients I had it with. You would like this meat if you are into gamey flavors. I surely am!

The final one being Emu. As expected from a bird meat, this one loaded with proteins is quite healthy and yet was light. The meat was quite flaky and not that dark. It was moist which indicates it was perfectly cooked. However, the meat was bit overpowered by the other ingredients but still a definite winner which I would suggest any day.

Taste: 8.5/10

The next dish awaiting was,

BBQ Pulled Wild Boar Sandwich. This is not a slider but a full-sized pretzel bun stuffed with cilantro coleslaw, pickles, pepper jack cheese, BBQ sauce, fried onion strings and WILD BOAR.

I fell in love with the mere glance of this sandwich. All the goodness it comes with is just heavenly and I couldn't wait but dig into it.

One of the best sandwich I have had. Period!

It's just so flavorful and the sauce they add is mesmerizing in quite a good context, I tell you guys!

This wild boar is a game meat which translates to being hunted in the wild and is not raised like the other few animals they serve. It's quite healthy and has very good amount of protein and good cholesterol as well.

The pulled boar is quite tender and the flavors are quite contrasting to the regular pork. The meat is dark and is so juicy and moist. The flavors it produces has to be experienced and was quite a divine feeling I have been put through.

Taste: 9.5/10

Coming to the next dish,

It's Duck Sausage Dog. So the sausage dogs at Sammy's are customizable as you could choose upto 3 toppings and the sauces that go on them. They come with the soft pretzel bun too, which is clearly a favorite among the people who visit this place.

The duck sausage is infused with apple brandy and marinated with spices best known to Sammy's. I have chosen fried onions, jalapeños and feta cheese as the toppings for this hot dog.

This was by far the best hot dog I have ever had. The duck meat and brandy chimed well with the spices which made this sausage a delectable treat. I also had a choice of two sauces which in this case were Cajun Remoulade and Habanero Ketchup. To have these with the aforementioned toppings provided a rich acidic flavor hitting the right notes. A sure-shot try!

Taste: 9.5/10

Next up,

It's the Pheasant Sausage Dog. This dish possessed some vibrant colors which thanks to me, was due to the toppings I chose such as grilled onions, purple cabbage and jalapeños. The sauces I chose were Cilantro Aioli & Cajun Remoulade. It also came with a side of dill pickle relish.

Pheasant for the newbies, is a game bird which originated in parts of Asia and has spread across the world. It is popular for its highly flavorful meat and rich protein content. I am sucker for those characteristics.

Took a bite and the meat is abundant in flavors and the toppings are something I am getting good at choosing. The purple cabbage is pickled and when paired with cilantro aioli, tastes amazing. Also, the jalapeños and grilled onions provide the spice along with the cajun remoulade. The soft pretzel bun is surely winning me over & over again. The sausage is grilled well and is infused with Cognac which helps the meat stay tenderized and helps in soaking up the flavors of other ingredients. Love it!

Taste: 8.5/10

I had place for some more of these game meats and I tried my luck with one of their daily specials.

The Kangaroo Empanadas.

Yes, it does consist of Kangaroo meat if you are skeptical looking at the name of the dish. They also have skewers and sliders with the Kangaroo meat, however I went with my gut and ordered this one. It comes with two sauces which are Cilantro Aioli and Cajun Remoulade. I was excited to try this one out.

Took the first bite,

I apologize for lacking professionalism in the above photo (I am getting better at it!), however let's get to the crux of the matter.

The flaky pastry comes with a filling of kangaroo meat, onions, jalapeños, spinach, mushrooms & raisins.

The kangaroo meat is a red meat which is high in protein and incredibly low in fat content. The flavor of the meat is quite gamey and tastes something like venison and lamb I would say. But, I would avoid the empanadas.

It was quite greasy and the ingredients with the meat were not that great and was bland. The oily texture really put me off. I should have ordered the skewers instead to get a more detailed taste on the Kangaroo meat.

Taste: 5/10

With that being said, this restaurant is the real deal for all people looking out to explore and try exotic meats.

And, they are HEALTHY.

And, they have a drive-thru.

And, you just gotta try it!


Sammy's Wild Game Grill

3715 Washington Ave Ste A Houston, TX 77007

(713) 868-1345


  • Taste: 8/10

  • Ambience: 8/10

  • Service: 7.5/10

  • Value For Money: 7/10



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